Poll Results: Work & Lifestyle Habits of IT Professionals

MailerMailer, makers of the IT marketing tool, Presstacular, conducted a poll of IT workers and business owners to learn more about their daily life, both in the office and away from work.

We first inquired about work habits such as when the workday begins and how many hours are devoted to work each week. The questions included whether IT providers work on weekends and while on vacation. We even asked about the frequency of checking email when waking up and heading to bed. All of the findings were then converted into a series of infographics to illustrate the habits of these professionals.

For example, our poll indicated that over 75% of IT providers work more than 40 hours per week. Duties spill into the weekend particularly for business owners; more than 90% continue their work into Saturday and Sunday. The poll also discovered that even though IT workers take several weeks a year away from the office, a portion of that time is still spent on work. One third reported checking email on their mobile and roughly the same amount used their laptop for office-related tasks while away.


We also found some interesting traits with personal habits: 30% of managed service providers confine their coffee and tea to a few cups a day and almost 50% prefer to bring lunch from home. Even with the demands of a growing industry, a good percentage, 36%, take time for recreation and exercise several times a week.


The poll revealed great news about the IT industry: although the IT professional works long and hard, their efforts have paid off. Over 80% reported an increase in growth over the past year. Even better news was the rate of growth. More than 30% of professionals indicated business growth at upwards of 20%!

Check out all of these infographics and feel free to share or post to your site or social media:

Individual Habits of IT Professionals Infographic Series

Full Habits of IT Professionals Infographic

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Raj Khera

Raj Khera is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He has built and sold two IT companies and is cofounder of MailerMailer whose award-winning product, Presstacular, enables small IT companies to create and publish email newsletters, security alerts and blogs instantly using a library of professionally written, editable articles. Live reports show you who’s reading your material, what they’re clicking on and who’s likely ready for a sales call, allowing you to keep clients and prospects engaged to win new and repeat business. Raj regularly gives webinars on marketing for IT companies and is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The IT Marketing CrashCourse. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park and worked as an electronics engineer for the U.S. government for many years before starting his companies. He serves on boards at the University of Maryland and was appointed by former Maryland Governor O’Malley to the Maryland Economic Development Commission.