The evolution at Tactics ICT Services with Solarwinds

Tactics ICT Services is very excited to announce that we have just completed an evolution of our sales, support and internal systems through an integration into Solarwinds N-able directly.

As you know, Tactics has been undergoing a number of changes and we would like to thank you for your continued support in this regard during this process.

To keep you updated we have released the following information that will assure you that we are always looking at ways and means to improve our service delivery to you, our very valued channel partner.

Seven Positions have been created country wide of which 3 have already been filled and are undergoing internal training .

Cape Town



Two new Channel pre-sales positions

One advance Channel technical support

One Channel pre-sales

One advance Channel technical support


One Channel pre-sales position

One advance Channel technical support

This means the following added benefits, improved services and support in this new changed structure are now in effect.

  • All new POC clients shall be dually managed by Tactics and Solarwinds N-Able Directly
    • Internal members of Solarwinds N-able have been allocated to Tactics ICT Services to improve speed, Task Execution and completion of the POC requests.
    • These internal members of Solarwinds shall preform the technical aspects of the POC while being Project managed by Tactics ICT Services
  • Tactics internal staff are tasked to continue the support of you and your environments as in the following ways:
    • End client presentation on your behalf
    • Provision of either technical and sales materials
    • Attending client meetings
    • Training your internal staff on new features and functions of updates to existing productions
    • Weekly meetings with your staff to improve relationships and help recognise opportunities for Sales

We look forward to help you growing your business with you.

Ricky Sparrowhawk


Tactics ICT Services PTY LTD