To Socialize or Not To Socialize?

That is the question. With over 81% of SMBs now active on social media, the answer is most likely “to socialize.” Before you take the dive into the warm social media waters, there are certain questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

Do you have the right team member with appropriate expertise?

Managing a corporate social media presence is not something that can be picked up easily. It’s important to choose a team member who has previous experience running social media pages for businesses — not just personal social media experience. If this person doesn’t exist within your current team, hire them or outsource the work. Some social media management firms can be pricey, so be sure to shop around and choose the one who understands your goals. In the end, choosing the right person (or team) is worth the investment. You’ll get better results, sooner, and won’t waste the time and money it takes to bring someone up to speed.

Do you have the time?

Managing a successful social media presence is not a full time job, but it also shouldn’t be given to someone who already does full time work. Once you’re up and running on social media, expect a social media manager to commit 5-10 hours per week. This should include posting, monitoring responses, outreach and analyzing social metrics to continually improve the efforts.

Do you have the budget?

In addition to paying your social media manager, be sure to work in a budget for social media advertising. Facebook, especially, has become a pay-to-play type of platform. Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically see your posts. You have to invest a small budget to get your content in front of your audience and hope that they engage. Once they’ve engaged a few times, Facebook understands that they want to see more of your content organically. Advertising is also a great way to increase your follower count. Be sure to target social media users based on the target demographic you are aiming for. And don’t get overwhelmed with the cost here. A monthly advertising of $100 per month is an affordable and effective starting point.

Do you have a strategy?

When it comes to social media, you can’t just post whatever feels right, or only talk about your business. Building an engaged audience requires a personalized strategy. A great social media strategy should answer these six important questions.

  1. Why are you on social media? .
  2. What are you saying on social media? I
  3. Who are you talking to on social media?
  4. Where are you placing your message?
  5. When are you sharing content?
  6. How are you getting this done efficiently?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, it might not be time to immerse your business in the competitive social media world. These days, social media can be a profit-driver for your business, as long as you’re ready to make the investment.